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laguna hills' support group for marine battalion 3/5

In addition to placing Memorial Banners along streets in Laguna Hills and constructing the Memorial Deck in front a Chapel in Camp Pendleton, Team Darkhorse has proudly contributed to, sponsored or co-sponsored other memorials to fallen Marines.



Laguna Hills resident Zak Betty completed his Eagle Scout project in 2015 by constructing a Memorial Flag Pole in Gallup Park of Nellie Gail Ranch, the site of the annual Showcase for Valor concert. At the base of the flagpole is a bronze memorial plaque honoring the Darkhorse Battalion.  Veterans of 3/5 joined Zak on the day that the Memorial Flag Pole was dedicated. Subsequently, 3/5 recognized Zak as an honorary Marine in a ceremony at Camp Pendleton.

       veteran's memorial

‚ÄčLaguna Hills resident James Purington completed his Eagle Scout project in 2011 by establishing a Veteran's Memorial in Mandeville Park. The Commanding Officer of 3/5, Lt.Col. Jason Morris, (who also had been an Eagle Scout) attended the dedication ceremony.    

When the 5th Regiment Support Group asked Support Groups of the 5th Regiment Battalions to assist in funding a Memorial to the Marines from the 5th Regiment who died in Afghanistan, Team Darkhorse responded vigorously. Through the mechanism of a donation matching program, citizens were encouraged to contribute to the project.

The granite Memorial stands proudly in the Memorial Park of Camp San Mateo in the northern portion of Camp Pendleton.   

Team Darkhorse, in conjunction with America 4R Marines, paid for the construction of a portable Memorial which is placed in the command building of the Darkhorse Battalion. The memorial is dedicated to the fallen and wounded from the deployment to Afghanistan and honors all of the Marines and Sailors of the Darkhorse Battalion. 

The names and ranks of the 25 fallen are inscribed on the base and their dog tags are hung on the fallen warrior sculpture.

 Memorial Flag Pole

Other Memorial Contributions

 historic MONKEY POD BAR

Team Darkhorse donated a large bar and swivel bar stools to the Darkhorse Battalion. The donation was in honor of all members of United States military services who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country with specific tribute to the 25 Darkhorse Marines who were killed in Afghanistan. The bar is constructed of valuable monkey pod wood and has a long history with military personnel from locations in Asia, Hawaii, Florida, California and Italy.  It seems appropriate that it now belongs to the Darkhorse Battalion where it  currently resides in the Task Force San Mateo recreation building at Camp Pendleton. 

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