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laguna hills' support group for marine battalion 3/5

          FIRST KISS

Marine wives held a raffle called "First Kiss". The proceeds of the raffle are used to help defray the cost of the Marine Birthday Ball. The winners of the raffle are entitled to get the first kiss as each group of Marines return from deployment. Team Darkhorse provided gift baskets for the winner of each raffle.

In the slide show on the right, a raffle winner holding her 4 month old daughter waits anxiously for the arrival of her husband. As the raffle winner's husband is the first Marine to exit the bus, he rushes to kiss his wife and hold his daughter for the first time.  

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marines welcomed home with cheers and hugs

Deployments are long, arduous and can be very lonely. When Darkhorse Marines return from deployment, Team Darkhorse always is there to welcome them home.

A few simple words of encouragement and gratitude are greatly appreciated by these returning young patriots. Home made muffins and welcome posters created by Teen Darkhorse are appreciated even more.   

It is priceless to witness to the happy reunions of our Darkhorse Battalion families. Marines and Sailors returning from lengthy deployments often meet their new born babies for the first time; husbands and wives embrace; excited children who have waited anxiously on the parade deck for hours rush to greet the returning heroes; parents welcome their service members safe return; and single Marines are greeted with clever welcome home signs made by Teen Darkhorse, the Laguna Hills High School support team.    

The sacrifices made by military families occur continuously in peace time as well as times of war.  Though the anxiety, fear and loss of lives are diminished as our role in the Middle East changes, the importance of supporting and interacting with our military remains a constant, and we are grateful to have this opportunity to do so.