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laguna hills' support group for marine battalion 3/5

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Quote from the application of a recent recipient of a computer:

 "i served and fought in Sangin in Kilo Co., 2nd Platoon with the rest of my brothers. It was one of my brothers, Ray Orosco, who reached out and let me know about the great things you guys are doing. I understand that you are donating and supporting continuously to our 3/5 family and I am very humbled to hear that there is real support for us. A lot of us felt abandoned after Sangin (Afghanistan) and this is a true awakening to the spirit of good people. My life seemed to fall to pieces after Sangin, and I'm finally at a place where things are piecing together. A computer is what I am in need of for the new opportunities, and for my responsibilities involved with school. This gift would help me and my family a great deal with this new direction that our lives have taken. Thank you for considering helping a total stranger and God bless your mission."  


When Team Darkhorse Board Member, Vanessa Kon learned that some 3/5 combat veterans making the transition from the Marine Corps to civilian life did not have reliable computers, she asked her husband, Barry Gillespie, for help. The couple who recently had replaced their computers had a few that no longer were being used.  Barry's skills were put to work. Hard drives were wiped clean and new batteries were installed. A renovated computer was sent to 3/5 veteran Raymond Orozco who became the liaison to other Marines who needed computers.

The program has been expanded as more computers are being donated and as more veterans needing computers are identified. An application form is used to identify the computer needs of specific veterans. To obtain the application send an email to 

The program is relatively inexpensive for Team Darkhorse as the only costs are related to replacing the batteries and mailing the computers. All of the renovation work is performed by volunteers